14k Gold filled Dainty Stones earrings - Tourmaline - Choose your earring hooks

  • $44.00 SGD

I cannot decide what hooks to match, so i am letting you decide.
  1. Simple hooks have a minimalist look, and easy to put on.
  2. Hoop hooks, simple with a twist. There are 3 ways of wearing them:-
    • wear with dangling tourmaline, 
    • wear without the dangling tourmaline,
    • Asymmetrical - wear only 1 dangling tourmaline. 

Details :
Description Material Approximately Size
Simple hook
14k Gold filled
11mm long
Loop earrings
14k Gold filled
dia 17mm
Stone Tourmaline
dia 3mm
Others 14k Gold filled


❤ Dangling tourmaline, approximately length : 40mm long 

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Gold-filled items are made by fusing a layer of 14kt gold to a base metal that results in a permanent bond. The gold layer on gold-filled products is thicker and will wear better than gold-plated products.
Although gold-filled items are considered hypoallergenic, some people who are especially sensitive to metals may still have allergic reactions to it.

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